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Jungletrekker220 has been designed to test the stamina and endurance of ultra runners, and is a team effort of award-winning producers, reputable race professionals, rescue teams and knowledgeable jungle guides.

Welcome to Jungletrekker.com

This is your gateway to education, information, media, and responsible Eco-travel opportunities in the Brazilian Amazon and other areas of natural beauty of Brazil.

We are a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals concerned with the future of this amazing region. We invite you to relax, to bond with new friends, to experience the beauty of the forest and its rivers, to try exotic fresh foods and get a boost of pure energy and, simply speaking, have an unforgettable educational and colorful Eco-adventure.

Retreat to a remote and peaceful slice of paradise, treat yourself to moments of privacy and unthinkable pleasures, or join a few others in exclusive humanitarian, and exploratory expeditions. You won't believe the good it will do for your health and mind.

Some of our expeditions have been documented in almost real time via streaming video, and we continue to work towards bringing you the best and most up to date information about the region. Become a jungletrekker, and make peace with your own nature.